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About us


The Universal Rocks Group

We plan, develop and build playful scenarios in harmony with the surroundings, balancing aesthetic quality with practical ones.

+12 years of experience


Mission, vision and values ​​of the company:

Specialized in imagination, study and realization

The UNIVERSAL ROCK’S group specializes in the imagination, study and production of high quality decorations. Each project, each request from our partners and customers is studied in order to make the imagination very real. We reproduce both the magic of Nature and the most incredible illusions.

Adaptability and satisfaction

UNIVERSAL ROCK’S, since its creation enjoys a formidable brand image thanks to its ability to adapt and satisfy. Our customers are loyal and place their trust in us because all of our teams, from design to construction, have the mission of satisfying them.

Ecological footprint

Concerned about our impact on the environment, UNIVERSAL ROCK’S continually thinks about ways to reduce its ecological footprint.

Optimized use of the travel

Thus, our R&D offices are thinking about solutions with low carbon emissions, energy saving, optimized use of the travel flows of our teams, etc.

Operation of the procurement process upon delivery of the project:

Our teams, on a human scale, are structured to respond effectively to all requests;
Our teams of account managers discuss with you to precisely determine your needs and advise you in your projects.

Our design office calculates and establishes the projections of the works to be carried out in order to guarantee the good realization of the construction.

Our administrative services provide you with the necessary financial, contractual and insurance guarantees and thus benefit from a clear and structured partnership.

Our work supervisors represent the link and vector of communication with our teams in the field so that all requests and all the hazards of a site are handled with complete transparency and peace of mind;
Our site managers, the true cornerstone of your achievements, give our teams of sculptors, welders, masons, etc. To transpose the imaginary into reality.

We guarantee high quality cleaning of any room


Satisfied customers

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Service with warranty

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Specialized service

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