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Another great work successfully completed in Phantasialand

Klugheim is the name of the most exciting attraction with regards to the best European Multi-coasters. With a setting and medieval ambience, Klugheim offers a passage in time along with two roller costers adventure, Raik (boomerang coaster) and Taron (High speed Coaster).


The latter being considered the best and fastest roller coasters in Europe due to the speed and scenic surroundings offering. During two years the Universal Rocks team of 30 workers artists, was part of this great work creating approximately 30,000 meters of artificial rock. Universal Rocks made the theming of this space playing basalt mountains, historic buildings and much of the backdrop of this epic village whose history has been the victim of a volcano.


Already with 6 world records Klugheim opened doors last June to give
Phantasialand more mysticism and adrenaline to the bravest who waited about 5 hours in queues to visit this village. Klugheim waiting for your visit.


World Records




  • The world’s fastest Multi-Launch coaster
  • The world’s longest Multi-Launch coaster of this kind
  • The fastest catapult drive in the world
  • 58 intersection points are 116 points of intersection along the whole track. World record for a launch coaster.




  • The fastest Family Boomerang in the world
  • The longest Family Boomerang in the world


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